Harvest kids videos

We are excited to be offering some online resources for you and your family!  Below you will find some video lessons and lesson documents.  We pray these help you and your family grow in your relationship with God!


harvest kids Lessons

Below you will find lessons that include suggested stories, memory verses, crafts, activities, review questions, coloring pages, and more!  We hope that these resources are a great help to you and your family. 

  • Abide: Father's Day

    God is our good and trustworthy Father!  Today, we look at how God kept His promise to Abraham and made Abraham a father of many. The more we abide with God, the more we can know Him as our Father. 


  • Abide: Elisha

    When we continue to abide with God, we can gain His perspective on situations.  He can open our spiritual eyes like he opened Elisha's servant's eyes to see.  God presence is with us even when we may not feel it.  


  • Abide

    Luke 24 highlights a story where Jesus appears to two disciples on the road to Emmaus.  The disciples invite Jesus to abide with them.  This story shows us how we can invite Jesus to abide with us as we connect with Him, depend on Him, and continue believing in Him. 


  • Pentecost sunday

    We are celebrating Pentecost Sunday in this lesson!  The focus is to learn about how to rely on the Holy Spirit for power rather than relying on ourselves. 


  • Follow Jesus Part 4

    Don't look back! This week, we dive into the story of Lot's wife and how we can keep our eyes on Jesus.  We want to keep moving forward with Jesus. He has good things for us coming!


  • Follow jesus part 3

    We continue our series about following Jesus by talking about Achan and how important it is to follow the specific instructions given to us. 


  • Follow Jesus part 2

    Our series continues as we look at the story of the rich young ruler.  This lesson reminds us to put God first in our lives! 


  • Follow Jesus

    No matter what comes our way, we can follow Jesus.  Stephen stayed close to God and chose to keep sharing the good news with those around him.  


  • shaken to awaken part 2

    Kids can learn about the fruit of the Spirit and about what repentance means through the story of the disciples in Acts 2. God is faithful to forgive us and we can turn our hearts back to Him. 


  • Shaken to awaken

    Learn about Samson and about how we can rely on God's power rather than our own.  Even when things do not seem to be going according to God's plan, we can trust God to keep working. 


  • he is risen

    This lesson helps us celebrate Resurrection Sunday.  Kids are reminded that Jesus is alive and loves them!


  • THe Last Supper

    This lesson shares about The Last Supper and about why communion is an important part of the Christian life.  Take time with your kids to remember all that Jesus has done for us and how much God loves us!


  • STRONGER not weaker

    This lesson shares about King Josiah and how he found a scroll with the Word of the Lord while he was restoring the temple. We want to treasure the Word of God and use the truths within the Bible.  We want to stand on truth not lies!


  • speak, lord, I'm listening!

    This lesson looks at Samuel's life and how he heard from God.  We can hear from God too!  Anytime of the day, we can talk to God.  


  • do not fear

    This lesson looks at the life of David and how God was with him no matter what.  When we are afraid or face a challenge, we can turn to God for help!

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